RIF 2015


The second day of the DIDS 2015 conference was set aside for the Regional Internet Forum 2015, which brought together 39 representatives of the national registries of Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Serbia, as well as representatives of state institutions, local Internet communities and global Internet organisations. It took the form of a round table, held entirely in English – and was a regional industry meeting for invitees only. Dušan Stojičević, RNIDS Board of Governors chair, gave a few words of introduction on behalf of RNIDS, the host of the meeting.

The first block, titled Regional Activities and moderated by Vojislav Rodić, chair of the RNIDS Conference of Co-founders, comprised a presentation of regional activities in the Internet arena and a preparatory meeting for the forthcoming EuroDIG conference in Sofia.

The second block, titled IDN Issues, comprised a discussion of the use of local writing systems on the Internet and technical issues faced by Internet registries, and was moderated by Dušan Stojičević. Almost all national Internet registries in the region have gone through the process of introducing IDN domains, but have had greatly differing experiences in doing so, owing to the specific characteristics of each local script.

The moderator of the third block, on the topic The Multistakeholder Model, was Vladimir Radunović, director of the cyber-security and e-diplomacy programmes at the DiploFoundation. A discussion was held on the suitability of the multistakeholder model in the management of Internet organisations in the region.

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